5 common client concerns and how to address them

Daaf Bleumink


Working with freelancers or self-employed can be risky. But the pro's outweigh the cons.

This is how to tackle the 5 most common concerns a client could have against working with you as opposed to a "real" company.

"That's way above our budget!"

I know, it's a big investment. It's typically what we charge for something this scope/scale though. Did you have a budget in mind? I'm happy to work from there with you into a deliverable that makes more sense for your budget.

"A deposit? I will pay once you're done."

The deposit will be used to block off time on my schedule and purchase any assets needed. If you have more questions about the process, don't hesitate to ask. I'm looking forward to getting started!

"How are you different from your competitors?"

I would be happy to tell you all about that. But first let me know what your goal is here. What does the ideal result of this project look like? Once we've established that, I'm more capable of sharing my thoughts on how to get you there.

"Could you make on last, small change?"

I'd be happy to stick with it until it's perfect! Just know that we switch to hourly billing after 2 rounds of revision.

"Do you have a team?"

I have a group of pro’s that I use to scale up or down depending on the scope of the project.

Let me know any concerns or objections your clients have to working with you or your company. Let's see if we can address them together!

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